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Ask Virginia Ironside

Regulars | By Virginia Ironside

We have lost our grandchildren

Q  Our son married a woman from Central Europe and they lived in the Middle East, where he worked. As soon as she had a baby and the ring, she started a long campaign of mental and emotional cruelty aimed at breaking all ties with his English family. He became seriously ill, and they came to the UK for his treatment. He died, and once she had secured the flat, pension and lump sum, she left – presumably to her home country. We have heard nothing from her, her parents or our two young grandchildren for over a year. We only have her parents’ address. Messages, cards, letters and presents sent to it go unacknowledged. I feel that I should have done more, both as a father and a grandfather. I fear that she will treat our grandchildren as she did our son. Is there anything I can do...

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