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Ask Virginia Ironside

Regulars | By Virginia Ironside

Q: I am getting married again at the great age of 65. My husband is 68 – so we are mere spring chickens. My only problem is that, although I love my husband-to-be in every way, he is an ardent church-goer and I’ve never been religious. I won’t say the Lord’s Prayer because I just don’t believe in it. I find all the rigmarole of the Creed, and the psalms and so on, so much gibberish; and the idea of Christ being risen is totally ridiculous. But it means a lot to my husband to have a church blessing and, ideally, he’d like me to go to church with him every Sunday. I have gone to a couple of services, gritting my teeth, but I can’t keep my fingers crossed behind my back for ever, can I? Maureen by email A: I’ve been through lots of incarnations when it comes to church-going...

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