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America’s capital may have lost its cool but there’s plenty to be positive about, says Freddy Gray

‘Washington has been called, among other things, a city of Greek wedding cakes,’ said Alistair Cooke. He was referring to those neoclassical buildings which we all think of when we imagine America’s capital – the Jefferson memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the US Capitol building, the White House, those brilliant white projections of American greatness. ‘They celebrate the conviction of the founding fathers that what they were building was the first modern republic worthy of Ancient Greece,’ added Cooke. ‘What [the founding fathers] could not anticipate was the flood of democracy that would “rough up” the symmetry of their new institutions.’ Certainly, the founding fathers could never have anticipated the democratic effluence that is President Donald J Trump, who came to DC calling the place a swamp and promising to drain it. Thanks to him, America’s capital is today a much more insecure place than it was when I lived there...

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