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You're never too old to make new mates

Regulars | By Sophia Waugh

Sophia Waugh was shocked – and saddened – when her parents, then in their mid-forties, said they had enough friends and didn't need to make any more

I remember my sense of outrage when  my parents, aged then, I suppose, in their mid-forties, casually said that they had enough friends and didn’t need to make any more. I could not understand that view of life – it shocked and, almost more, saddened me. To me, giving up on making new friends was like giving up on life. They told me it was because I was young and they had made their decision but, even then, that did not ring true, and the statement has echoed in my mind ever since. I am now in my fifties. You could argue that I, too, have ‘made my choices’. That I do not need any new friends – and it’s true, I don’t need them. I have a lot of good friends, and more than my fair share of real, true, solid-gold friends. For someone living far from the city...

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