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Media Matters

Regulars | By Stephen Glover

Seldom badly behaved: Tony O'Reilly

Down but still a decent man. Former media magnate Tony O’Reilly has been declared bankrupt. He should feel no shame, says Stephen Glover, for he was in many ways a model proprietor

Tony O’Reilly, the former media tycoon who owned the Independent for many years, has been declared bankrupt. This fall from grace has created few waves in the British Press, and may be news to many Oldie readers. He is not exactly a household name in the way Rupert Murdoch is. But he was once the most famous, and probably the richest, man in Ireland, and head of a company which had media interests in Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, in addition to his own country. All that, and more, he has lost. You would have to search a long time to find another media magnate who has plummeted so far, so quickly.