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Notes from the Sofa

Regulars | By Raymond Briggs

The great Dame Vera Lynn is 100 years old! How does anyone cope with that? As well as being a genuine, legendary National Treasure? In the war she entered into the consciousness of us all, even kids like me: five when the war began, ten when it ended. She was not one of the pin-ups I had stuck to the ‘ceiling’ inside my Morrison shelter; they were the usual saucy girlies, all legs and bosoms. Why on earth I was interested in them when I was under ten, I cannot imagine. Maybe I was an up and coming sex maniac? If so, I’ve certainly grown out of it now. Officially retired sex maniac. No, Dame Vera was in another class altogether. Dignified, but warm and friendly as well.  My Dad always pronounced her name as VERRA Lynn, instead of VEERA Lynn. One of his odd pronunciations; another was when emptying...

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