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Liz Hodgkinson has a rant about old men in ancient shorts

Regulars | By Liz Hodgkinson

'Never mind Brexit, the real talking point is legs-it'

Old men’s legs Never mind Brexit, now that summer’s here, the real talking point is legs-it. At the slightest hint of sun, you see something that, quite honestly, should never be glimpsed in polite society or even impolite society – old men in ancient shorts. Showing no shame whatever, these oldies openly parade their spindly, white, veiny legs on the streets, on trains, in pubs and restaurants, and even in the theatre. One seventy-something friend, justifying his urge to put on shorts, said, ’We get over-excited when the sun comes out.’ Well, you might get excited but we, the poor onlookers, don’t. Quite honestly, we do not know where to put our eyes, even if we’re the same age – I’m 73. You never see old women in shorts – we have far too much self-respect. It wouldn’t be so bad if their shorts were the smart, tailored kind that...

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