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School Days

Regulars | By Sophia Waugh

A real teaching revolution: ban mobiles

Something extraordinary has happened at school. A miracle has been caused by one tiny change in the school rules. Behaviour at the end of the summer was taking a downward turn. The year sevens were all exhausted. They had been at their school for long enough to feel at home, but were still exhausted by the new expectations and relationships a change of school involves. The year nines and tens were flexing their muscles before their move up the school; the year eights are an unruly mob at the best of times. Only the year elevens, cowed by the proximity to exams and the fear of leaving the place they’d been longing to escape, toed the line. All schools constantly revisit their behaviour policies, and ours is no different. The cry for consistency in approach is endlessly reiterated – follow through on bad behaviour; reward good; don’t back down. One...

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