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School Days: ​​Learning should begin with red ink​

Regulars | By Sophia Waugh

A child opened his exercise book the other day and looked at it in total puzzlement. ‘What’s all this, Miss?’ he asked, waving it at me. Now he had me puzzled. ‘Well, I mean to say,’ he went on, ‘What’s all this red?’ What it was, of course, was my marking. I love a bit of stationery and have different fountain pens for different tasks. My beautiful Mont Blanc is kept at home for writing letters, I have a Scheaffer for cheques and admin, and two Lamys – one red, with red ink, and one black, with black ink – for school. I always always use red ink for marking. When I first began to teach, I took myself and my young goddaughter on a shopping trip. ‘What do you think a teacher needs?’ I asked her, standing in the stationery department. ‘A brain?’ she suggested, looking vaguely at the...

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