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The Oldie Agony Aunt: Ask Virginia

Regulars | By Virginia Ironside

Virginia Ironside advises readers on some probing questions

Healthily in the red Q  Following a heart attack last year at 75, my doctor and the consultant advised me to drink a glass of red wine a day. However, he can’t write a prescription for me to take to my local hostelry or off licence.  A glass of wine at the nearby wine bar is around £7 – £2,500 a year; my pension will not accommodate that.  My accountant has told me I will be unable to claim tax relief on this, even though it is regarded as a necessity in medical circles. Buying a cheap bottle of plonk won’t work as, by the third day after being opened, it will have become unpalatable. Apart from growing grapes and installing a wine press in the outhouse, do you have any suggestions? Victor Bethell, Tunbridge Wells A I don’t think your heart is in this quest. Because this stingy old agony aunt...

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