In this issue...
• Our non-conserving Conservatives
The Conservatives of David Gilmour’s rural childhood fought to preserve their
buildings, their churches, their reedbeds and their inherited traditions. With the
1980s all this changed and now it is the Tories who are hell-bent on ripping things up,
concreting them over and transforming everything. What happened?

• Donald Trelford: I’m Britain’s oldest new dad
At the age of 76, the former newspaper editor has fathered his sixth child and re-entered
the world of broken sleep, dirty nappies and trips to Mothercare. He describes the joy –
and sadness – this strange new phase in his life brings.

• The magic of skunk
It is the horror drug of the moment but Nicholas Farrell remembers the wonderfully
liberating effect it had on his life in the 1980s when it made him believe he could
dance reggae as well as a black man

• Henry Hall’s Gestapo nights
From the Thirties to the Sixties the bandleader was one of the major stars of British
radio. What is less well known is that in 1939 he took his band to Berlin, where he was
apparently happy to comply with Nazi orders to remove anybody Jewish from his line-up
and everything Jewish from his programme. By Robin Houston

• The railway vicars
It wasn’t just the Rev Awdry – what is it with clergymen and steam engines?

Plus: Mark Mason on the nightmare of forgetting people’s names, Richard Osborne on
sacred music and William Cook on travelling by tram along the Belgian coast.

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