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• The Nazis and the royals by Geoffrey Wheatcroft 

It is common knowledge that the Duke of Windsor cosied up disgracefully to Hitler and the Third Reich – but what about the other members of the royal family?

The revival of the American pin-up

New York-based foreign correspondent Peter Pringle gets a nostalgic peep at Louis Meisel’s huge collection of wholesome all-American girls in garters and frilly knickers doing the household chores or walking puppies. He discovers some of the best pin-up artists were women – and that this is a form of realism whose worth is now recognised

Taki, the playboy warrior 

We all know him as a party animal, keen on booze, cigarettes and a dissolute lifestyle. But Taki Theodoracopulos is also a talented skier, tennis player, karate champion and, at the age of 78, a world-class judoka. Mark Law finds out more

The birth of Eros, Piccadilly Circus’s winged god of love 

Londoners are hugely proud of Eros and he draws tourists from all over the world. Despite this, few people know anything about his creator or how the statue came into being. Peyton Skipwith tells the story 

Travel: Josceline Dimbleby’s best exotic guesthouse 

In the colourful Indian tribal state of Odisha is a small hotel run by an Australian, Leon, with the help of six beautiful Paraja girls. Josceline Dimbleby spent a few idyllic days there


Plus: Stephen Glover the sale of the FT, Jim White on how José Mourinho gets better with age, Imogen Lycett Green on Georgie Fame and Teresa Waugh on a migrant’s tale


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