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 Our secret summers: seven writers look back on holidays past 

Craig Brown, Ian Jack, Isabel Colegate, Brian Sewell, Piers Paul Read, Teresa Waugh and Simon Carr share their memories of favourite places and halcyon times.


• The battle of Stonehenge

Our great monument has been in public ownership for less than a century and has been a subject of dispute for most of that time. Historian Rosemary Hill looks back at its troubled past and explains the current row over visitors’ rights and a tunnel.


• The man who made Audrey Hepburn jump 

Photographer Philippe Haslam believed that getting his subjects to jump revealed their inner selves. Among those he persuaded to leap joyfully in the air were Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Maurice Chevalier and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.


• Pig-awful Peppa and friends 

Children’s television is dreadful, says Zenga Longmore. And worst of all is Peppa Pig, with its precocious little girl pig, her brother George and the hideously smug multitasking Mummy Pig – all of whom take a sadistic delight in humiliating poor Daddy Pig. It should be banned forthwith.


• One victor in Vietnam: in memory of a legendary foreign correspondent 

Richard West, who died in April aged 84, was one of the great journalists and writers of his day, eccentric and iconoclastic to the last. In tribute, we publish an edited extract from what is considered his finest book, Victory in Vietnam.


Plus: Michael Barber on the now unfashionable but great storyteller Dennis Wheatley, Stephen Glover on the future of the Telegraph, and a meeting with Gypsy Rose Lee.

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