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Wednesday 7th January


The wife who won’t stop breeding

Nicholas Farrell, 56, and his Italian wife, 42 and a devout Catholic, are

expecting their sixth child in twelve years. Farrell is in despair: he is,

he says, far too old to be the father of so many small children, and

their house, near Ravenna on Italy’s Adriatic coast, already

resembles a badly run zoo.

The sad celebration of Gaston Glock

As a child, Nanny had drummed into Liza Campbell to stay away from

dictators, wrestlers and arms dealer. Now she finds herself a guest,

along with Rupert Everett, Naomi Campbell and the 87-year-old Jerry

Lewis, at a bizarre event hosted by the wheelchair-bound

billionaire Austrian pistol magnate and his horse-mad wife.

The war of the bull terrier

Despite protestations to the contrary, Staffies were bred to fight. Braving a

fanged attack from the likes of the Kennel Club, Julia Lewis,

whose spaniel survived an attack, wonders how many tragedies

it will take before they are banned.

Mr Pooter rides again

As the much-loved Diary of a Nobody returns in theatrical form, Lucy

Hughes-Hallett celebrates George and Weedon Grossmith’s

irresistible comic character.

I Once Met Philip Larkin

Former Fleet Street arts editor Miriam Gross remembers interviewing the

supposedly lugubrious poet in the 1980s – and finding him affable, charming

and funny.

Plus: Stephen Glover looks back on Alan Rusbridger’s tenure at the

Guardian; Jeremy Lewis remembers getting the sack; and

Brian Sewell reviews Antonia Fraser.



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