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• Signing off with Carpaccio: Jan Morris on what will be her final book 

Morris has written some forty books of history, travel, biography, memoir and fiction, notably the imperial trilogy Pax Britannica and major works on Venice and Wales. Now, standing on the brink of her nineties, she has returned to Venice and the painter Vittore Carpaccio – not one of the very greatest but a genius, nevertheless, and a great story-teller. Here, exclusively for The Oldie, she tells of her infatuation.

  • Going to the Dogs: the rebirth of greyhound racing

Greyhound racing was introduced here from the US in 1926 and within two years there were 68 tracks around England. During its postwar boom 50,000 people regularly attended White City stadium but since the 1960s it has been in steady decline. Janie Hampton looks back to its heyday – and meets Lord Hesketh, who is bucking the trend by opening a new track in Northamptonshire in December.

 • Barry Norman on Sophia Loren at 80

Italy’s most renowned, most honoured and most famous actress has reached her four score years. The film critic Barry Norman, something of a legend himself, writes in celebration of this great anniversary.

 • Were you still up for Aberdeenshire?

Veteran Scottish journalist and commentator Magnus Linklater reflects on a momentous campaign, which, he believes, has changed the country for ever. 


Plus: I Once Met David Niven; a terrifying encounter with a shark; Oliver Pritchett on school reunions and Anthony Holden on what makes old men cry

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