In this issue...

 Matthew Engel on the great election charade 

Matthew Engel has loved elections since he was a boy, and has covered nine of them

for different newspapers. The tightly controlled nature of the campaign just past,

however, has finally cured him of his passion – and he explains why.


• The migrant cricket tour 

This was a far cry from village greens and cucumber sandwiches. Christopher Douglas

took his Sunday-league team to the refugee camp in Calais to play a side of enthusiastic

and rather talented Afghans.


• Eric Ravilious, the ultimate stylist 

The current exhibition of Ravilious’s work at the Dulwich Picture Gallery has been

a knock-out success. Laura Gascoigne examines the appeal of an artist whose

watercolours and engravings seem to exemplify the essence of Englishness.


• Still With Us: Robert Fox talks to Lord Carrington

Journalist, broadcaster and defence correspondent Robert Fox spent a day with the

95-year-old Lord Carrington, the last living member of a Churchill government and of the

cabinets of Harold Macmillan and Alec Douglas-Home.


• Lynn Barber asks ‘Whatever happened to worms?’

How did worms and fallen arches become nits and grommets and then food allergies?

Lynn Barber puzzles over the changing nature of childhood ailments.




Plus: John Sutherland discovers the NHS is no longer for the likes of him, Alexander


Chancellor extols Longborough Opera, Fiona Ledger describes the vicissitudes of


moving from Ethiopia to Burma and Kirsty Fergusson travels Slowly in Cornwall.

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