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 Cameron the consummate politician 

Forget Eton and the Piers Gaveston – the really interesting thing about David Cameron is how he understands the public mood. He is also shamelessly adept at using patronage to underpin his power. Andrew Gimson dissects the personality of a ruthlessly successful PM. 

Chernobyl: the disaster that never was 

After the nuclear accident of 1986, 116,000 people were evacuated from a 4,200 square kilometre zone around the Chernobyl plant. Now it appears that flora and fauna in the area have flourished as a result. Piers Paul Read, who in the Nineties visited the area and wrote a book on the accident, looks back – and tries to explain why. 

Women have won – and lost 

In the old days parents didn’t bother to educate their daughters – and they had much more fun as a result. Now, every choice is guided by the goal of getting A*s and impressing the university admissions boards. It’s time we backed off and gave today’s girls the time and space to study the subjects they actually enjoy. 

Newsweek Europe: it was fun while it lasted 

Richard Addis looks back at a heady eighteen months editing a new incarnation of Newsweek – before the backers prematurely pulled the plug. 

Tits, bums and other stories 

Children’s literature specialist Nicholas Tucker on why titles like Shag the Pony and My Big Book of Pretty Pussies are out but talk of wee, farts, bums and bogeys are aggressively in. 

Plus: Virginia Ironside decides to annoy everyone by being cheerful about Christmas 



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