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• Picasso’s ponytail girl 

Sylvette David was nineteen when she met Picasso in Antibes in the 1950s and he persuaded her to pose for him. The result was more than sixty drawings, paintings and sculptures. Now an artist herself and living in Devon, Sylvette talks to Laura Gascoigne

The great escaper

William Ash was a Canadian Spitfire pilot who spent the latter part of the Second World War escaping from PoW camps. Handsome and charming, he was a born rebel and even among a rich crop of heroes he was something special, says Patrick Bishop.

More Western Front than Winnie-the-Pooh

E H Shepard is best known for his illustrations of what he called ‘that silly old bear’. But a new book and exhibition bring to light a body of drawings and watercolours conceived in the mud and blood of the First World War, as explained by Andrew Lambirth

Sawists and sawchestras

The musical saw is undergoing something of a renaissance says Anna Savory, who earlier this year defied airport security to take her dangerous instrument to the 11th Annual Musical Saw Festival in Queens. Yes you, too, could have a go

The man who dared publish ‘Lolita’

Lord Weidenfeld is one of the last survivors of an extraordinary group of German and Middle European Jewish emigrés who revitalised British publishing after the war. Now aged 96 but still going strong, he spoke to Jeremy Lewis

Plus: Simon Carr on the refugee crisis, Stephen Glover on the return of Rebekah Brooks, Jim White on the Rugby World Cup and Elisabeth Luard on great English puds


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