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• Edward Jay Epstein on Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s ‘Sliding Doors’ moment

Just imagine if the former head of the IMF had stayed in the shower one minute longer: he could now be President of France – and have saved the Greek economy. Epstein, who has made a specialism of the DSK saga, explains all.

The Romanovs on the Isle of Wight in 1909

Nine years before they were murdered by the Bolsheviks, Tsar Nicholas II and his family were guests of Edward VII on the Isle of Wight. It was a fraught visit, involving Scotland Yard, the Russian secret service – and a number of tetchy royals. By Frances Welch

Queen of the flies: Jean Williams, fisherman’s friend and fly-maker extraordinaire

In the dim interior of Sweet’s tackle shop in Usk, Jean Williams plies her trade, creating exquisite flies out of feathers, fur and fluff. Anglers from far and wide come to her for fishing wisdom and the fruits of her labours. Patrick Bishop is one of them.

The Napoleon complex: little Donald Trelford tells all

Do men of modest height feel compelled to aim high? This is the question that has pursued the former Observer editor (5ft 6in) all his life.

Jeremy Corbyn: the only real leader in the race

The Oldie’s writer on politics, Simon Carr, says Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn is a man of conviction. Unlike the other, he says what he believes, rather than what he believes will get him elected.

Plus: Stephen Glover on the rise of the Lebedevs, Sara Wheeler on a prison rodeo in Louisianna, Lewis Jones in search of a silk top hat, Hilary Greene on dancing the nightaway with Jimmy Savile and Jim White on the monster Premier League.


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