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September 17th

 • A friend remembered: Christopher Gibbs on Candida Lycett Green

 • A debutant at 76: Sir Christopher Bland's first novel

 • Over-ambitious coppers and dubious forensics: re-visiting the Crippen affair

Plus: Ronald Blythe on the Gift of Old Age; Nicholas Garland on a little known painting by Max Beckerman; I Once met Khrushchev; and Ask Mary, our new agony aunt.


Memories of Candida Lycett Green: Christopher Gibbs remembers his great friend

Candida’s column ‘Unwrecked England’ appeared in the first issue of The Oldie in 1992 and thereafter until a couple of months before her death. She had a big circle of close, warm friends who adored her, her parties and the fun she created around her. Art collector, designer and antiques dealer Christopher Gibbs was one of them.


  • Chairman turned scribbler: Sir Christopher Bland writes his first novel at 76

One of life’s natural alpha males, Sir Christopher has chaired the BBC, LWT, the RSC and much else besides – as well as having been an Olympic fencer in his youth. The one thing that eluded him was writing a novel that found favour with a publisher– which he has now finally achieved. Here he talks exclusively to Valerie Grove. 

 •Mutilating the evidence: the Crippen affair re-visited

On 23rd November 1910, Dr Hawley Crippen was executed for the murder of his wife, Cora, in Pentonville prison. But did he do it? Bob Woffinden, well known for his investigations into miscarriages of justice, is pretty sure he didn’t – and explains why in a riveting tale of tampered evidence, dubious forensics and over-ambitious coppers. 

  • A sojourn in Chukotka, Russia's most eastern output.

While researching a book about the Arctic, Sara Wheeler spent weeks in a part of Russia rarely reached by the ordinary traveller. She found a land of tundra and reindeer that has been battered by unemployment and alcoholism – and rescued by Roman Abramovich


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