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Wednesday 4th February


It's the Oldie of the Year issue...

Craig Brown profiles Ken Dodd, our Oldie of the Year

‘You think you can get away, but you can’t,’ Ken Dodd is known to tell his audience after

four hours or so. ‘I’ll follow you home and shout jokes through your letterbox.’ In a just

world, the indefatigable Dodd would by now be Sir Ken or Lord Dodd of Knotty Ash.

Until that time, the 87-year-old can at least be tickled by his tattyfilarious new title.

Our other Oldies of the Year:

Sir Roger Bannister (Long Distance Runner of the Year) 

Michael Buerk (Jungle Survivor of the Year)

Lord Falconer (Slimmer of the Year)

Ian Lavender (Stupid Boy of the Year) and

Bridget Riley (Stripe Artist of the Year)


Five further winners were chosen by the Oldie judging panel and we have profiled

them all. Sports writer Jim White describes how Bannister was one of the last glorious

amateurs to make their mark in British sport; Ian Jack writes about Ian Lavender;

political editor Michael White is full of praise for Lord Falconer’s slimming regime;

Clair Woodward talks about jungle hero Michael Buerk; and Andrew Lambirth is

eloquent and erudite on the resplendent abstractions of Bridget Riley.

Click here for photos and videos.

The Jew who lived opposite Hitler

Born in 1924, Edgar Feuchtwanger grew up on the second floor of a Munich block of

flats. In 1929, who should move in opposite but Adolf Hitler – a proximity our narrator

managed not only to survive for the next nine years but to be intrigued by, as he

watched the comings and goings of Göring, Mussolini et al.

Prue Leith on the funny side of her mother’s dementia

Dementia is not all doom and gloom, says the celebrated cookery writer. In fact, the

dottier her mother became the funnier she was.

Plus: Simon Carr on the Koran; Anthea Bell on being a translator; Simon Courtauld on

meeting General Massu; and Alice Pitman returns with her Home Front column.

 And don't forget Bill Knotts' wine column, plus the latest Oldie case from

To read Simon Carr's RES POLITICA online, click here.



Missed an issue? Click here for older Oldies.

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