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Wednesday 10th December




Lord Lucan: the mystery lives on

Who killed the nanny and what happened to the earl? It's the great 
whodunnit that refuses to go away. In the light of a new book that 
poses fresh theories about the affair, Patrick Marnham re-examines 
the case and looks back on his own involvement in it.



Doomed, I tell ye: Ian Jack salutes Private Frazer

Forty years after the end of Dad’s Army, the men from Walmigton-on-Sea

are still dear to the hearts of the great British public. And none more so

than the wild-eyed villain played by John Laurie who gave the show its

most memorable line.


Survival by Teresa Waugh

Published exclusively in The Oldie especially for Christmas, a short

story about beauty, ageing, rich old widows and faithful gigolos.


Brothers in arms

Colin Welch was known to the world as a brilliant journalist with a

weakness for wine and women. But for his wartime comrade Francis

Plaistowe he was something else entirely. Colin’s daughter,

Frances Welch, tracked down the 91-year-old Plaistowe in his

Jersey retirement home and here she describes their moving

and memorable meeting.


I’m with the uke band

The ukulele is undergoing a renaissance and Trevor Grove is one

of those newly enamoured with four strings.


Plus: I Once Met Freddie Ayer (in flagrante), a Christmas quiz,

seven pages of book reviews, Jim White on the lessons of Italian

football, What Was Empire Day and What Is Civet Coffee?

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