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Oldie Phone offer – FREE case with every purchase

We have teamed up with Doro and Anywhere SIM, to put together these two great offers.

These two Oldiephones are very, very easy to use, and because they come with a SIM card that roams across any available network in the UK, you wont need to be frustrated by a poor signal any more. This makes them ideal for anyone who travels a lot, walks or drives any distance and wants the confidence of knowing they are always in touch.

Other benefits

  • You can top up credit on Pay As You Go
  • The credit will stay on your phone for 12 months
  • You can even keep your existing phone number
  • And the cost of calls, text or data are the same in this country and abroad

The Doro Liberto® 820 Mini

A smartphone for £150 including £40 of credit

The 820 Mini is one of the easiest smartphones to use, and is ideal for beginners of all ages. It even has built-in guides and tutorials to show you how everything works. It has full internet functionality, and a touch screen that is simple to use – even with sausage fingers! And when placed on its side in the unique charging cradle, it doubles up as a radio, a digital photo frame or even an alarm clock.

Order one now and, for a limited time only, we will give you a flip cover, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

‘Owning a Doro smartphone has changed my life for the better: as well as making phone calls I can now read my emails when away from home, look up bus times on the relevant app, and even read The Oldie online.’




The Doro PhoneEasy® 612

Just £100 including £30 of credit

This beautifully designed phone opens and closes like a clamshell, meaning you always know when you have ended a call or switched it off. It has a large screen, with large text, and is compatible with hearing aids. The keypad has larger-than-average, well-spaced buttons for easy texting and dialling.

Order one now and, for a limited time only, we will give you a protective pouch ABSOLUTELY FREE.




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