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A woman in a gentleman’s world

Features | January 2018

On joining the men-only Savile Club, ‘Lady X’ was male. Though she’s becoming a woman, the club wants her to stay, she tells Robin Parker

The Savile Club is one of the older London clubs, founded in 1868, and housed in 69 Brook Street, Mayfair, since 1927. And it is all-male. No wonder London clubland was recently rocked by sensational news about the Savile. A middle-aged member of the club is in transition to become a woman. And, in an unprecedented move, the club decided that the member could stay on, on the grounds she had initially joined as a man. The member wishes to guard her family’s privacy – she has a wife (they remain together) and children, and other children from a previous marriage. But she agreed to speak to me on condition of anonymity. As requested, I shall refer throughout to ‘she’, ‘her’ and ‘Lady X’, her chosen pseudonym. After a law degree and a postgraduate diploma in legal practice at Oxford, Lady X spent over 15 years in publishing and PR...

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