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Alexander Chancellor 1940-2017

Features | March 2017

Dear Oldie readers, 

I am very sorry to say that Alexander Chancellor died this morning. He had just celebrated his 77th birthday. 

As you know, he had suffered a brain haemorrhage last year, but returned to work, editing some of his best issues. 

Sadly, he was taken to hospital this week due to a heavy loss of blood. He was still cheerful and lucid yesterday when we spoke to him, but the blood transfusions put too much pressure on his heart.

We were all terribly proud to work for him. He exuded kindness, and we all wanted to live up to him. He was never cross, and always saw the absurdity of a situation, even proposing himself as a candidate for the role of assassin at Trump’s inauguration. He would have been far more successful than the Jackal, charming his way past the security guards who would have been disarmed by his beautiful manners, engaging smile and infectious giggle. 

25 years ago, Richard Ingrams and he came up with the Idea of The Oldie. In the first few years, he was listed as ‘Supreme Consultant’, so we were delighted when he offered to take over the editorship after Richard’s departure. And circulation continued to rise during his two and a half years.

Graham Greene inscribed a book to him ‘to the best editor I have ever worked for’. Others have said the same. 

With much sadness

James Pembroke

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