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God: Alexander was full of Christmas spirit

Regulars | By Sister Teresa

Sister Teresa on Alexander Chancellor's Christmas spirit 

The Oldie’s late editor, Alexander Chancellor, much loved and missed by many, was in part responsible for one of the most enjoyable parties I have ever been to. It took place some 35 years ago in the house of mutual friends, just before Christmas. It was very well organised with everything one could want in the way of old familiar faces, drink and a delicious home-made buffet supper. We were about thirty strong.  At some point, and very unobtrusively, Alexander began to play the piano. The music gradually got louder and such was the enthusiasm, skill and sheer pleasure of his playing that the sitting-room carpet was rolled up and we all started to dance. I had never seen this happen before and the spontaneity was magical. When Alexander got tired of playing, another musical guest sat at the piano in his stead and, between them, they took it in...

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