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Arts | By Valerie Grove | Summer 2017

A whole week of programmes centred on Laurie Lee on Radio 4 Extra and Anthony Wall's tribute to Chuck Berry on Radio 6 Music

In all the programmes on the fiftieth anniversary of Sgt Pepper, the most pertinent remark was made by a female DJ on either Radio 2 or Radio 6 Music (I can’t be sure; I was walking along, plugged into my DAB Walkman, switching stations). Anyway, this young woman said how wonderful it must have been in 1967, hearing Sgt Pepper for the first time on that sunny June day. And she was right – no album ever had such instant impact, such immediate familiarity. ‘Isn’t it amazing,’ she said, ‘We still love Sgt Pepper today, yet we can be sure that, back in 1967, young people weren’t listening to the music of 1917, were they?’ Indeed not. Good point.  Radio 4 Extra featured some of the seventy-odd figures on Peter Blake’s album cover, for which, incidentally, Blake was paid a £50 flat fee. One was Diana Dors. They replayed her...

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