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Ask Virginia

Regulars | By Virginia Ironside | Summer 2017

The Oldie's Agony Aunt gives razor-edged advice to a reader with a husband-stealing sister and recommends how to rid guests who outstay their welcome

My husband-stealing sister Q  I’m nearly eighty and yet I still have problems with my sister, who’s two years older than me and lives miles away in the Cotswolds. She’s a retired academic, and far brighter and more beautiful than I ever was. She has always dismissed me as stupid, and flirted with my boyfriends. Now her husband is dying and she’s talking of moving closer to us when that happens. The problem is that she’s always had her eye on my husband. She once confided that she fancied him and talked of Jacqueline du Pré, who apparently once asked her sister if she could sleep with her husband. She virtually asked if I’d be party to such an arrangement. I know my husband loves her company and enjoys flirting with her, as I once found him writing a sort of intellectual love letter to her. But I don’t want...

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