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Ask Virginia Ironside

Regulars | By Virginia Ironside | November issue

Is he having cybersex? Q  I think my friend is getting involved in cybersex. He was always interested in computers (he was an IT expert before he retired) but, since his wife died a while ago, he has become a bit of a recluse. Recently, when we visited, he alluded to his ‘avatar friend’ and the ‘black web’. Do you think this is an unwelcome pastime and, if so, should I confront him?  David by email A  How can you possibly confront him over something of which you have no proof? You could try trapping him, of course, by expressing an interest in the dark web and seeing if he opens up. The fact that he’s mentioned it at all shows, I think, a longing to unburden himself. Or perhaps it’s just to appear naughty and mysterious. But, personally, I wouldn’t even think of going there.  If he ever drops...

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