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Don't give me dancing oldies on road signs - the Old Un

Old Un's Notes |

Beware the dancing oldies, says the Old Un

Which of these two oldie road signs do you prefer?

The Old Un loves the original one (on the left), which magically captures the posture, stick and grumpy outlook of him and his Old Lady.

He’s not so keen on the new one on the right – updated by design studio SwaG Design in response to a competition run by the Centre for Ageing Better and Public Health England.

In the new version, the oldies break into a jolly dance, the stick transformed into a Fred Astaire cane.

It will be made publicly available for unlimited use by any individual or organisation. There’s no suggestion that the traditional, bent-over OAPs with their stick will be forcibly removed from our streets yet. Long may the grumpy oldies remain!

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