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Bob, the gallant, Scottish Mafioso - Elisabeth Leigh

Features | By Elisabeth Leigh

Bob Dick outside court with mob boss Angelo Bruno, Philadelphia, 1968

Elisabeth Leigh’s friend was a Scottish bagman for the Philadelphia mob

Bob Dick was given an impressive funeral Mass at the Brompton Oratory in the mid-1990s, even though he wasn’t a Catholic. A priest he’d befriended at the church was full of admiration for him. He mesmerised everyone he met. I couldn’t believe he was gone in his mid-60s. Over the years, Bob helped me during my three different careers as documentary-film-maker, freelance journalist and novelist. Born in 1929 in a poverty-stricken tenement slum in Glasgow, he contracted polio which left him with a limp. He worked his way to London, was involved in the property market and then took to money-smuggling. ...

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