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Features | December Issue

A look at what's included in the latest issue...

The December issue of the Oldie is published just before the centenary of the Armistice.

And so, in a special commemorative issue, Blackadder producer John Lloyd reveals the truth behind his heart-breaking First World War series. Rowan Atkinson tells him how he felt ‘a visceral empathy’ with Captain Blackadder for the first time as Edmund prepared to go over the top.

Benedict King recounts the deeply moving tale of his great-grandfather, the Rev Henry King, a housemaster at Sherborne School. At the outbreak of the First World War, he was cheerfully recording the fine summer weather in his diary. By November 1918, he was mourning 220 dead old boys.

On a less sombre note, Matthew Bell tells the gripping tale of the Oxfordshire estate where Prince Harry, Meghan and their impending arrival are weekending. Posy Simmonds draws an exclusive self-portrait for The Oldie to celebrate her new book, Cassandra Darke. Nicky Haslam asks, ‘Uni or non-Uni?’ Tony Blair’s 1999 pledge that half of all young people should go to university has finally come true. Nicky is utterly delighted not to have a degree.

And Prue Leith discusses the Great British Send-Off – the need for all of us to make out a proper living will.

On top of all that, there’s an extra 32-page Oldie Review of Books, with all the best reading – and early Christmas present ideas.

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