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Dervla Murphy at 90 - William Cook

Travel | By William Cook

As she enters her tenth decade, the travel writer Dervla Murphy tells William Cook about the joys of journeys in old age

‘By 2021, I’m likely to be either dead or dotty,’ declared Dervla Murphy ten years ago, in her heartfelt book about Gaza, A Month by the Sea. After talking to her on the telephone from London (unable to visit her in Ireland due to pesky COVID), I’m pleased to report that she was wrong. The Queen of Travel Writers is still very much alive, and still as sharp as ever. She turns 90 on 28th November, but her writing is curiously ageless. In her early books, written in her thirties, she seemed wise beyond her years. Her later books (like A Month by the Sea, which she wrote when she was 80) exude the energy and vitality of a woman half her age. ...

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