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Don’t tell me I’m losing my mind. By Matthew Norman

Regulars | By Matthew Norman

I won’t be taking a new test that predicts Alzheimer’s

How many people marooned in late middle age across this godforsaken planet show no signs whatever of cognitive decline? Most typically, this will manifest itself as the sporadic failure of short-term recall – although I write smugly in the abstract as one of the lucky few. My own short-term memory remains indecently perfect. How many people marooned in late middle age and beyond across… Forgive me, I find myself momentarily paralysed by an inexplicable sense of déjà vu. Anyway, there is news for anyone routinely chilled by a frisson of terror when they open the fridge door and stand there blinking in bemusement as to why. Scientists at the University of Gothenburg have invented a blood test to detect embryonic Alzheimer’s up to 15 years before it becomes symptomatic. One appreciates their efforts, but would anyone in their right mind wish to know that it will inevitably go wrong within...

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