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The Adriatic island of Korčula charmed Sue Crewe and three generations 

Family holidays are inclined to be a compromise: the various generations having rather different ideas of how they’d like to fill their days. Last summer my daughter and I, her three children, plus my son and two friends set off for Korčula, an Adriatic island off the Dalmatian coast. Our ages ranging from 8 to 68, we variously wanted to lie in the sun; sightsee; go in for energetic water sports; eat well; eat nothing but ice cream; play cards; go shopping; see people; not see people; get up early or stay in bed all morning. That we all loved every minute of our holiday, that we didn’t have a row and were all able to do what pleased us, was due to luck more than good management – luck and the charm of this beautiful island which, within its narrow, thirty-mile length, provided everything from medieval architecture to mango...

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