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Farewell to the sound of Silence

Features | October 2017

Anne Robinson had hearing problems in TV studios and restaurants for years. And then she discovered a Danish, tailored hearing aid

  Every couple of months when we were small, my brother and I were taken to pay a Sunday morning visit to our paternal grandmother. Grandma Robinson lived in a gloomy, semi-detached Edwardian villa in Birkdale, Lancashire, along with her friend Mrs Joyce, another widow. These outings promised only three hours or so of mind-numbing boredom. Luckily, the visits followed an almost identical pattern; so my brother and I survived by counting off the predictable milestones. First, on the journey our scary mother, in the front of the car, would move her shoulders around as she attempted to compose herself and present an air of benign indifference to her mother-in-law. We wouldn’t have dared say so, but her personal best never rose much above manageable dislike. No matter, it was our first tick. Grandma Robinson would be in bed and we rarely heard her voice. Instead, she would mouth...

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