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Arts | By Marcus Berkmann

The Party (15)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (18)

The very best thing about The Party (15) is that it’s only 71 minutes long. I wonder what its budget was, as a proportion of the budget for the Blade Runner sequel. A tenth? A fiftieth? No computer graphics here, no vast landscapes or bludgeoning soundtracks destroying what remains of your hearing. Just a few eminent actors in a house, at a party that goes badly wrong. One could have guessed from the outset that the vol-au-vents would be badly burned – and so they are. Kristin Scott Thomas is the hostess with the leastest, for she has been appointed the Shadow Minister for Health and has invited her best friends around to celebrate. It’s quite an international selection, for it includes Patricia Clarkson (US) and her dippy alternative-therapist husband, Bruno Ganz (Germany), a lesbian couple (Cherry Jones, US, and Emily Mortimer, UK) and Cillian Murphy (Ireland). Sitting in the...

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