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From Lord’s to Lord Emsworth by Henry Blofeld, who commentates on his last Test Match in September

Features | By Henry Blofeld | September Issue

This September, Henry Blofeld commentates on his last Test Match. He now has the time to feast on his dream books – PG Wodehouse’s Blandings series

It may be a difficult choice, but Blandings has always had my vote over Jeeves.  Beach the butler, bringing Clarence, the 9th Earl of Emsworth, his first whisky and soda of the evening in the rose garden, walks across the lawn ‘like a procession of one’. I remember Bernard, Duke of Norfolk, doing much the same when he came out to bat at his cricket ground at Arundel Castle. Of course, Jeeves was not a butler and nor was he quite a procession of one, either. Blandings and its messuages, usually full of impostors, had a habit of sleeping in the afternoon sun – ‘when Nature seems to unbutton its waistcoat and put its feet up’. Now that my time is up in the commentary box, I hope I shall be doing a little bit of that, too. It is time to read Wodehouse again – and the Blandings books...

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