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Getting Dressed: The Bright Revolutionary

Regulars | By Brigid Keenan

Jossy Dimbleby changed Britain's food tastes but retains her style

Jossy Dimbleby (her name is Josceline but everyone calls her Jossy) is practically related to The Oldie. Her son Henry is married to Jemima, daughter of the magazine’s late, greatly lamented deputy editor, Jeremy Lewis.  Not many people know that. They recognise her as the cookery writer who, in 1978 (according to food historian Polly Russell), turned the UK from a ‘nation that regarded olive oil as a pharmaceutical aid, to a country comprised of cooking-obsessed epicureans…’.  That was the year she was commissioned by Sainsbury’s to write a series of cookbooks for their customers – the first one was Cooking for Christmas. I still have it. At 74, Dimbleby is slim and extraordinarily young-looking – which she owes, she says, not to any miracle diet, beauty product or Botox, but to the luck of her family genes.  ‘None of my relatives are overweight, and they all look much younger...

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