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Getting dressed: The bright stuff

Regulars | By Brigid Keenan | September Issue

Designer-artist Andrew Logan is flamboyance made flesh 

I interviewed Andrew Logan, 71-year-old sculptor, jewellery-maker, teacher and inventor of the Alternative Miss World competition (Google it) at his flat in south London. Then we walked together to the nearest Tube station. I was in black, but Logan who is six foot one, and as slender as a willow switch, was wearing a brilliant orange hoodie over an equally bright T-shirt and checked trousers in rainbow colours – all topped with an Indian, embroidered hat. I expected catcalls – stares, at least – but we seemed to pass unnoticed in multicultural London. It was not the same when Logan grew up – he used to carry a Walkman and put on the headphones so that he could not hear the shouts of abuse. ‘But nowadays, people sometimes come up to say how much they love what I am wearing and, since my work is about bringing people joy, that...

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