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Spitalfields Life is a blog that chronicles the life, past and present, of a corner of east London. Lucy Lethbridge met its mysterious Gentle Author

Blogs are a bit old hat now, internet-wise, a bit too much like pen and paper for the Instagram generation. Like quill-toting diarists, bloggers may be viewed by non-oldies as rather quaint but Spitalfields Life, which drops into my inbox every morning, is a prime example of how an old idea is given new momentum by modern technology. Comprised of daily entries by a mysterious entity known as ‘The Gentle Author’ for six years, this blog has chronicled the life and lives, past and present, of a corner of east London where the remains of the 18th-century city come hard up against the steel and glass of today. Take a single week in 2017: The Gentle Author (TGA) writes about photographs of East End shop fronts in the 1960s. If ever there was an evocative barometer of changing habits, it is a shop front; there is an interview with the...

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