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God: Suffer little Charlotte to come unto me

Regulars | By Sister Teresa

Princess Charlotte fell on the Tarmac at Hamburg Airport in July, lost her temper and cried. Initially, I was very irritated by this being presented as a news item: why couldn’t the poor child have a tantrum in privacy which most of us consider to be our due? The Duchess of Cambridge picked up her little daughter and hugged her, so that the crumpled, tear-stained face could not be seen and the tiny flailing fists were put out of action. There was something very natural and very unself-conscious in the way she did this in full view of the press. Such kindness is exemplary and sets a very salutary standard; so perhaps it was a good thing that the world was informed about the calm normality of one young mother’s conduct. ‘As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you’ (Isaiah 66:13). There is no sentimentality in the...

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