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Have yourself a very uncommon Christmas

Features | January 2018

Nicky Haslam knows how to enjoy the day with class

You’ll have been to a few very select parties – Jemima Khan’s, maybe, or Gary Kemp’s – in the days before. You’ll have followed Rachel Johnson’s wise party advice. So, come Christmas Eve, it’s time to start your – or your friends’ – home fires burning. Just cedar logs, please, for their smoky aroma – far nicer than any Jo Malone – and no spitting sparks to set the kiddies’ elf costumes aflame. Because that hearth is where the home is, there’s no question of going abroad – God forbid, anywhere hot. Nothing’s naffer than piling massive, shop-wrapped ‘gifts’ into the far end of the Gulfstream; they’ll only be torn open and soon forgotten (thanks to Pokémon Generation VI on those iPhones, 24/7) beside one of the pools of some spa-heavy, glitzkrieged mega-resort in Palm-land. No – a relaxing Christmas begins with a foggy slog to somewhere warm and welcoming...

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