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Hold the front page! Journalist writes novel. Stephen Glover on his own contribution to the genre 'Splash'

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Following in a grand tradition, newspaper columnist Stephen Glover has written a book - about the low art of his own trade

Why is it that the words ‘comic’ and ‘novel’ and ‘Press’ so often go together? Of course there have been serious novels about newspapers. Guy de Maupassant’s Bel Ami is not exactly a bundle of laughs, though it is a wonderful book. Nor is there much knockabout that I can recall in George Gissing’s Grub Street. But the novels about the Press which most of us remember from the 20th century tend to be the comic ones. That’s certainly true of probably the two most famous – Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop and Michael Frayn’s Towards the End of the Morning. When I came to make my own small contribution to the genre with Splash!, it seemed the natural thing to try to make it funny. Many novelists cut their teeth as journalists. They often know something about how newspapers work, whereas they know little or nothing about insurance companies or manufacturing...

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