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How to win a trillion-dollar bet

Regulars | By Simon Carr | September Issue

The climate change debate can only be resolved if the politics and preconceptions are taken out of the data

This is taking pester power to a new level. American schools are training children to become ‘climate justice’ activists, and one group of tots is suing the federal governments for not doing enough to save the planet for them. In one sense, you can’t blame them, considering the climate warnings they’re getting. According to a recent cover story in New York Magazine, if we don’t decarbonise the global economy, the Earth is to become a ery wasteland, with people literally boiling to death in the tropics. We – the oldie generation – have been here or hereabouts before. There was a song in the Sixties, by Barry McGuire, whose chorus went: And you tell meeee Over and over and over again, my friend, You don’t believe We’re on the Eve of Destruction. Nor did we believe it – and nor were we, as it turned out. We saw the Doomsday...

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