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Norman Tebbit misses the thrill of election time

Features | By Norman Tebbit | July 2017

Norman Tebbit contested every election between 1970 and 1987, when he fought his last campaign. He loved them all

Theresa May’s unexpected decision to call an election for 8th June brought back a flood of memories of fighting elections in years long past. The election will fall almost exactly thirty years after the general election of 11th June, 1987 – when I was Chairman of the Conservative Party, and planned the election campaign. The only election I ever lost was in 1945, when I stood as the Conservative candidate in my third-form election at Edmonton County Grammar School and, like Churchill in that year, went down to defeat at the hands of Labour. It was not until 1970 that I tried my luck again but, that time, with the far more limited ambition of doing rather well in a safe Labour seat, but not quite winning.  I was a senior co-pilot with BOAC, on the verge of promotion to Captain, and another five years in the pension scheme would...

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