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‘I’m a hopeless traveller’

Features | January 2018

In the first of a new series, David Attenborough talks candidly to Louise Flind

You’ve travelled all your life – is there anything you can’t leave home without? My front door key. It has little charms on it that my dear wife, Jane, gave me. What do you really miss from home? I’m very fond of my bed.    Favourite holiday destination? To be absolutely truthful, I’m a European and I like European things. I like European breakfasts, climates, people, architecture and music. Holidays, as far as I was concerned, were for kids. You got to know them a bit better. I suppose the last holiday I really had was with Jane and that’s about twenty years ago.   Would you ever lie on a beach? That’s not a holiday – that’s a purgatory.   Where did you go on your honeymoon? Isle of Wight – that was all I could afford.   I thought we had to go overseas, and that was as...

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