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Home Front: It’s magic! I can walk again

Regulars | By Alice Pitman | January 2018

Alice Pitman on her experiences with asthma

It is two years since my stay in Epsom Hospital, following an asthma attack. I was put in a ward full of patients with a variety of respiratory diseases, a few of them so unwell I felt a fraud for being there. I made friends with two elderly ladies: Joan, a serial resident with emphysema, and Muriel, who, Joan informed me, was ‘a bit in the head’. On my first night, Muriel told me there was a man standing by my bed. On the second night, she informed me he was in my bed. She got very annoyed when I said I couldn’t see him. The phantom man caused much hilarity among the other patients: ‘Send him our way when you’ve finished with him, love!’ It was around the time of the Bataclan terrorist attack, and Joan had got it into her head that Isis could be on their way...

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