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Keeping on keeping on

Old Un's Notes | By The Old Un

Butler c. 1922 CC BY-SA 4.0

The Old Un praises 89-year-old Bill Sloan who is still working – and has no plans to retire

In many hotels, British hospitality is an oxymoron. But not in wise hotels that employ oldies.

Many congratulations, then, to Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness, which had the wisdom to hire 89-year-old Bill Sloan. Bill welcomes guests, helps them with their luggage and gives them the benefit of his deep knowledge of Scotland, acquired in over 70 years working in hotels.

‘Older workers have got to be aware that there can be resentment from younger employees, whose attitudes are totally different,’ he says.

‘Older workers have got to make an effort to be involved. I try and relate to their interests and am slightly humorous about things.’

As he approaches 90, Bill has no plans to retire. ‘One of the great joys of working at my age is that I feel useful – valued, even – to be here.’

The Old Un raises a dram to you, Bill.

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