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Kitchen Garden

Pursuits | By Simon Courtauld


This may seem an odd month to be writing about coriander. But I have found that it grows better if the seeds are sown no earlier than July, which should give plenty of leafy growth from September and, frosts permitting, until Christmas. When I have made a spring sowing of coriander, not only has germination been inconsistent but the plants, when ready for cutting, soon bolt and produce flowering heads. The plants which reach maturity in autumn will have more leaves and, I find, a stronger taste. Now I am aware that there are those who dislike the taste or the smell of coriander. Perhaps it has something to do with the derivation of the name – supposedly from the Greek word koris, meaning bedbug. I am not familiar with the smell given off by bedbugs, but, to me, there is nothing unpleasant about coriander. As a herb associated principally...

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