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Kitchen Garden: Brussel Sprouts

Pursuits | By Simon Courtauld | January 2018

I wonder if those people (I am not one of them) who call themselves Brexiteers will want to change the name of Brussels sprouts when Britain leaves the European Union. The origin of the name goes back at least 500 years, when these variants of cabbage were widely grown around the city, which was then part of the Holy Roman Empire. But one could have a bit of fun at the expense of committed Leavers on Christmas Day. If you are eating your own sprouts this winter, the seeds will have been sown in March and then planted out in May or early June. Lime should be added to the soil if it is not alkaline; also compost or decayed leaves, well before planting, to ensure that the soil is firm. This will help to anchor the plants and produce firm sprouts. These days, the modern hybrid varieties have greatly improved...

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