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Last orders at Maggie's pub

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Cabinet ministers and journalists flocked to the King & Keys on Fleet Street to consult T E Utley, the PM’s guru, reveals his son Charles Utley

  ‘What was that rather sordid pub called, where your father used to hold court?’ The question led me to remember an extraordinary institution, one which played a surprisingly large part in the development of Thatcherism. I never thought of the King & Keys on Fleet Street as a ‘sordid pub’. I always found it comfortable and friendly. I spent a great deal of time, in my childhood and youth, there. It was a second home to me and to my siblings. The King & Keys was next door to the Daily Telegraph; indeed, it was part of the same building. My father, TE Utley (1921-88), wrote for the Telegraph for more than thirty years until 1987, as a leader writer and columnist. Almost every day, from about noon to three in the afternoon, he was in the King & Keys. Because it was in the City of London...

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