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Philip Delves Broughton goes heavy drinking in the Connecticut Cotswolds

Regulars | By Philip Delves Broughton | July 2017

Letter from America

LITCHFIELD COUNTY: It was sheeting down the day in 2008 when I signed the deed for a house in north-western Connecticut. The financial crisis was unfolding – had I waited a couple of months to complete the purchase, I’d have benefited from a handsome first-time buyer tax credit, courtesy of Barack Obama. But, hell, there were bigger issues at hand. We wanted to get out of Manhattan. Our two sons were young and we needed more space. We were tired of having to plan every excursion to Central Park like it was Operation Iraqi Freedom and preferred to conserve our energies for more interesting fights. So off we sallied, two hours north of the city. Litchfield County is to New York as the upper reaches of the Cotswolds are to London. Too far for a daily commute, but easy enough for the weekends. It lures those wanting a break from...

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