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Memory Lane

Regulars | By Sarah Balcon | July 2017

Sarah Balcon remembers fussing over Royal Sovereign strawberry plants in preparation for Chelsea Flower Show at Waterperry Horticultral School

In September 1952 I went to Waterperry Horticultural School. It was a large stone house set amid gardens. It was about eight miles from Oxford. Forty minutes on a push bike, quicker if you hitched a lift. We wore Land Army breeches and green jumpers in the winter and green cotton dungarees in the summer.  Waterperry was run by Miss Beatrix Havergal and Miss Avis Sanders. Rumour had it that they had met on the White Cliffs of Dover and had planned a school, Miss H to do the garden and Miss S to teach domestic science. Domestic science bit the dust and the garden became far more important. The only domestic thing I ever did was to peel potatoes now and again.  The fact that Miss H and Miss S were an item dawned upon me only slowly. Miss H had been going to be an opera singer. She...

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