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Memory Lane: Bunny Roger

Regulars | January 2018

Who now talks of Bunny Roger (1911-97), the couturier and legend of the Anzio beachhead? He was reportedly seen, through smoke and gunfire, striding from the landing craft, draped in a silk scarf, clutching a copy of Vogue and exclaiming, ‘Oh, the noise and the people!’ He died twenty years ago. And almost seventy years have passed since I stood at the chancel steps beside my about-to-be husband, who whispered to me, not loving words, but, ‘Have you seen Bunny?’ Ahead of us, in the choir-stalls, sat Bunny,  resplendent in a dove-grey morning suit, looking more glamorous and more coiffed than any of us in our still couponed finery. Having absorbed this vision, it was hard to concentrate; a fit of the giggles nearly stopped us taking our solemn vows. Bunny had emerged from the toughest of wars to pursue his trade as a couturier of great style and elegance...

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