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Modern Life: What is The Last Leg?

Regulars | By Annabel Sampson

For politicians, an appearance on The Last Leg ought to be career suicide. But they seem to be come off – almost always – rather well. Why may this be?

The Last Leg is variously described by its fans as ‘a gang show’, ‘a chat show’ and ‘an anarchic, late-night comedy show’. But it has also become a hit satirical news programme, with politicians queuing up to appear on it. It is neatly summarised by lead presenter Adam Hills as ‘three guys with four legs talking about the week’. Hills was born without a right foot, and co-host Alex Brooker had a leg amputated as a baby. Co-presenter Josh Widdicombe – the show’s ‘honorary disabled person’ – has legs intact. The programme was originally conceived by Channel 4 as a live, satirical round-up of the day’s events at the London 2012 Paralympics, with a bit of news thrown in for good measure. The short-term show secured a long-term, weekly slot after the closing ceremony. It’s now well into its eleventh series, attracting upwards of two million viewers an episode –...

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