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Modern Life: What is a Listicle?

Features | December 2017

1. Listicles are hybrids Simply put, a listicle is any article that takes the form of a numbered list. They abound in modern journalism and often contain a cardinal number in their title. Recent examples include 31 Times Politicians Didn't Understand the Internet and The 21 Absolute Worst Things in the World! 2. Listicles are an online phenomenon There's debate as to exactly where the listicle originated, but they are now an online mainstay. This is particularly ture for the website Buzzfeed, which publishes hundreds of listicles every day. Their top listicle on the day of writing is 11 Times Leave Campaigners Said Brexit Would be Easy (though it should be pointed out that the day before's top listicle was the less politically rigorous 23 Underrated Aldi Groceries Taht You Are Seriously Missing Out On). 3. Listicles are endemic Listicles have quickly bled over to the news-stand; Cosmopolitan and GQ often feature listicles, as increasingly do broadsheets. The Daily Telegraph's 100 Novels Everyone...

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