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No praise of older women

Regulars | By Wilfred De'Ath | January 2018

Wilfred De'Ath on sex, among other things

I once saw Rose, whom I have unkindly described as Cambridge’s most accident-prone old woman, throw herself in front of a bus. She denied that she did this but I saw her with my own eyes. I suppose she wants to die. I don’t blame her. If I was as incapacitated as she is, I would want to die too. Julia sits up front at our midweek (Wednesday) Eucharist at a church on the fringes of Cambridge. She has the Communion brought to her by the priest, but Georgia, in her late nineties, who sits next to her, still manages to struggle up to the altar to receive. She denies that she wants to reach 100, but we all know that, in her heart of hearts, she can’t wait to get there. Then she may die peacefully. Next to Georgia sits Susanna, a posh lady who dislikes her name. So...

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