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Notes from the Sofa

Regulars | By Raymond Briggs | December 2017

There was a time when we knew all there was to know about light bulbs: forty; sixty; one hundred. That was it. Sixty was a good average, everyday number to have; one hundred, if you wanted it brighter; forty if it was less important and you needed to keep an eye on the electricity bills. These numbers were in WATTS, whatever watts are. What is a watt? Have you ever seen a watt? What does a watt look like? You buy a bulb, plug it into the socket, then switch on, hoping it doesn’t go off bang. Plug it into the socket... It used to be so easy but, today, there are sockets for BAYONET bulbs – sounds very war-like – but they are the sort we all remember. Also, there are now sockets for SCREW bulbs. Why? What is the point? Still, that's only two... There’s bound to be...

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