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Yes, my place is worth a lot - but this isn't 'luck', says Liz Hodgkinson. Years of toil, cash and patience made our baby boomer home so valuable

It has become a tired old cliché for the younger generation to whinge about us baby boomers, sitting pretty in our million-pound-plus mansions that we have done nothing to deserve.  According to them, we just bought a cheap house decades ago and sat in it while its value rocketed. And, if a new government makes us sell our ivy-clad manor houses to pay for care in old age, that is only just and right.  We acquired these now high-value homes by sheer luck, they moan, as they struggle to afford tiny boxes on a huge mortgage.  We bought wrecks and gradually did them up, coming home after work to paint ceilings, spending weekends at DIY centres. We put up our own shelves, sanded our own floors, made our curtains and slept on mattresses until we could afford proper beds. We bought cheap Victorian furniture nobody wanted, lugged it home and...

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