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Rant: Car Names

Regulars | September Issue

A Nissan Qashqwhat? By Martyn Hurst

There was a time when cars had sensible, even romantic names. Who would be ashamed, cruising the country lanes in a sleek Riley Path finder? Or, if you wanted something with a bit of zip, hop into a Wolseley Hornet. There was the Hillman Minx, Singer Vogue and the Fords Zephyr, Zodiac, Cortina and Capri. How about the Humber Super Snipe? My first car was a Hillman Husky, which lived up to its name by moulting rust everywhere and barking manically through its leaking exhaust. But it was a car with character, with a name you could believe in. A glance through the current batch of available models shows we have lost all of that. The Nissan Qashqai? Citroën Xsara, Fiat Doblò, Hyundai Ioniq? It’s as if the marketing people at the car manufacturers got a load of Scrabble tiles and went with whatever made-up word was in front of them...

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